Inspire India’s TAPAS


TAPAS is a 16 hour programme of immense educative value, spread over 6 months for urban and rural youth aged 13 and above. TAPAS is offered to the youth through educational institutions. Every participant in TAPAS will receive skill development (Choice-making Skills and Communication Skills).

Educational Development (Developing a Sense of Purpose in life and How to set goals for studies and life)

A community project in which the youth get exposure and experience of challenges that our society faces. The project is created and guided by Inspire India.

TAPAS is designed and led by internationally renowned Indians

TAPAS is designed and led by renowned Indians with world-wide exposure and experience in numerous fields.

Achievers from various reputed corporate organizations and a cross-section of the Indian society’s achievers will be leading TAPAS in urban and rural educational institutions.






The aim of all education must be the formation of character and not just acquisition of knowledge.

– Raju Ravitej




The aim of all education must be the formation of character and not just acquisition of knowledge.

Acquisition of knowledge is important but its effectiveness in an individual’s life is contingent on character. In large part, educational institutions in India have done and are continuing to do a great service to the nation, despite being harassed and weakened by several societal forces of greed, vanity and commercialism. There is a great need for civil society to feel responsible and act to augment the work of educational institutions to build a stronger youth for our nation. A need for all society to act in cohesion.

India being a country with the world’s largest number of young people now and in the future, the character of our young people will be critical not only for the progress of Indian nation but also the progress and well being of the entire world.  A world that is growing in crime and immorality, a world that is losing compassion for fellow humans, a world that is increasingly becoming consumption oriented, greedy, vain, and intolerant. The children and young people who will inherit our legacies will need stronger and greater character to face this world. The need for character is greater today than ever before.

This need must be met.

































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