Inspire India’s Vision is

To Shape Social Will






Shaping Social Will :

Social Will is the collective Will of a people or a society.

Social Will is a collective thought. The thought of the people expressed in its countless forms and shapes. One cannot record it but one can know it, understand it and feel it everywhere. Throughout history great people who directed societies have given an expression to what the society deeply aspires for. Individuals have shaped Social Will and given us religions, morality, philosophies, governance, literature, music, arts…

A society’s Social Will is expressed through its various institutions which come to represent the Will of the society. We identify the following as the pillars of society that influence our Social Will

  1. Education
  2. Industry Arts,
  3. Sports and Media
  4. Philosophy and Religion
  5. Governance and Politics
  6. Social Service

The Social Will is expressed through these pillars above. And also these pillars are created and influenced by the Social Will. It means that they are the instruments of Social Will and at the same time creators of the Social Will.

If we shape these 6 pillars of the society we shape the will of the society.

One can achieve a true change in the society only by shape the will of the society. In a society’s Will lies the true seed of change. It is the root of all.