Value of Education, Jagan quotes the Upanishads

For Jagannatha Rao, speaking profoundly comes naturally. As a professional in training and development Jagannath has been praised by one and all for his lucidity, deep intellect and affable nature of a gentle teacher.

Speaking on the attitude of Indian youth towards progress Jagannath presented the paradox of India being young and old at the same time. He spoke of the importance of developing a combination of the young and old in order to keep the country on the path to progress.

Reeling out several facts and figures Jagannath inspired the audience with his speech and set the tone for the entire evening which was inspirational. The kind of speaker Jagannath is, he impels people to think deep. And that is what he achieved in 10 mins of speech at the launch of Inspire India.

Interspersing his speech with Sanskrit quotations from the Upanishads Jagannath spoke of the importance of creating educative value in the degrees by saying, “A donkey carrying sandal wood on its back knows only its weight and not the value”.

It is important to grasp the inner essence of education and not become merely someone who carries a lot of weight of titles and degrees, said Jagannath.

Jagannath also spoke of the vices that youth these days are falling victim too and impressed upon the audience on the importance of following our roots to create a future and combining it with the good elements of progress of humankind rather than taking the bad from it and forgetting our roots. An inspiring speaker, Jagannath inspired one and all by bringing in a fresh, profound and uncomplicated approach to progress.

Full text of the speech here