Ramanand speaks on developing
the potential of Indian youth

Mr. Ramanand, a young achiever himself, has delivered the main speech of the evening with grace, style and intellect. A brief period of 20 mins can spark off several new insights if the speaker is as meticulous and as gracious as Ramanand. Speaking on the potential of Indian youth Ramanand impressed on audience the importance of logical building up of thought and idea rather than haste and impulsive nature generally attributed to youth.

One of Ramanand’s suggestions to Inspire India was to pen inspirational songs that lift the country’s achievements and showcase them for the youth in a poetic and lyrical language.

An avid lover of Hindi songs, Ramanand quoted the immortal song by Mohd Rafi from the film Sikander-e-azam.

(where on every branch of a tree the birds make a golden nest, so beautiful is my Bharat)

जहाँ डाल्-डाल् पर्
सोने की चिड़ियां करती है बसेरा
वो भारत् देश् है मेरा

Nothing could have been a more befitting ending for a speech on India than to cite the beautiful song that speaks of the beauty of India and the resilience of Indian people.

Below is the text of the speech of Chief Guest Mr. Ramanand of GVK group.

Full text of the speech here