The deep belief from which Inspire India is originated

What appears as the successes of a society are merely reflections of the force of good that is in the depths of its being. What appears as our progress, despite all the hardships, is the fruit of the labour of countless people; unrecognizable and unidentifiable.

In this inherent selfless toil of the good people of the society, lies the germ seed of a society’s wellness, its progress and its continuously evolving permanence.

The force of good that exists in our society sometimes shines forth brightly in some chosen individuals. Our Heroes are created by this force of good that keeps our society good and strong, despite all the bad elements; and in turn they represent that force of good and make it stronger.

Inspire India’s vision, mission and ideology springs from this deep and sacred belief that if people can harness the force of good that lies within and shape it, the society strengthens at its roots, progresses and becomes a just society, despite all its flaws or maybe even because of them.


India survived centuries of onslaught and abuse
from within and outside because deep down
there is goodness in our society, our culture
and our civilization.

Our country is greater than the everyday
ugliness that we project in the media.

Our country is greater than what we recognize.

                        – Raju Ravitej, Founder Inspire India