What do these words mean ?

Vision, Mission, Ideology






Words such as Vision and Mission have been used, misused and abused by many people such as management book writers, business leaders and business organizations and sometimes political & social leaders. Enough confusion exists now as to what these words really mean.

In order to not mislead our members we state here what we mean by these words. And why we use them.

Meaning of Vision: Vision is what we ultimately want.
Meaning of Mission: Mission is what we will do to get what
Meaning of Ideology: Ideology is a set of ideals that are the basis for our thinking and being. Our way of thinking .

Why we use the words:
It is important for all of us to know why we are existing, our purpose, our raison d'ĂȘtre (the reason for being). Our Vision expresses this.

We must also know what we do to get what we ultimately want. Our Mission tells us what we must do. Mission keeps us on the path.

We believe in our ideals. They form the basis for our thinking and being. Every worthy Cause or community has a set of ideals at its roots in which it firmly believes. Without a firm ideological basis an organization, cause or country falls apart. They who stand for nothing will fall for everything. Ample evidence of this can be seen all around us.