Raju Ravitej - An Inspiring Indian

By Bharat Barki

Who is an inspiring human being? What is his/her source of inspiration? Why do human beings need such an inspiring individual? When and where does this person inspire and spread his luminous nature? Which aspects of this individual are inspiring to others living in the society? And, how does this individual manage to inspire despite all odds that come his way? These are the questions we need to explore and answer in-depth to understand why at all, we human beings need inspiration in the first place.

The word Inspire originates from the Latin word ‘Inspira’ which means ‘breathe life’. To inspire then translates into ‘to breathe life’. In this regard inspiration is Life itself. Inspire also means “in spirit” to be immersed in spirit or to be filled with spirit. Sprit here meaning life. Spirit is life, without which we resemble the dead. Factually that is what happens to us when we die. Our spirit drops our body and we decay. Spirit is life. Inspiration is to be filled with life – to breathe life into.

Without inspiration there is no life and without life, we as human beings cease to live/exist in our physical, mental or spiritual expressions. Simply put, inspiration is in itself the cause and our existence its effect and its expression. What is true is that the truth finds an expression from only an inspiring being.




Raju Ravitej is an inspiring man. The source of inspiration for him is his crystal clear understanding of the divine constitution of human itself. That there is something which will always remain an unknowable in the existence is what inspires him and increases his thirst for life itself. And it is this thirst that he transfers to the other through inspiration, because he knows that the divine essence in him is present in the other as well, that he is interconnected to the other through this divine force only. He cannot and does not live in the illusion that he is separate from the other and that his reality makes sense only with the existence of the other. This attractive force calls for a need of such an inspiring individual and this is precisely why such a person is needed for the other. Such a man does not need space and time to inspire because, his expansive being inspires and wherever he is, he illuminates through his very divine nature that he is in contact with. For such a man there is no separate or distinct aspect that inspires because, all the distinct and separate aspects have integrated into one and that very oneness in him inspires.

...his expansive being inspires and wherever he is, he illuminates through his very divine nature that he is in contact with.

- Bharat Barki

Ravitej inspires in his speech and in his silence, in his waking and his restful state. There is no single way that he comes to inspire because his approach to the truth is multi-dimensional. A man who exists in these multiple dimensions is very brave and to dislodge a man of such stature from his throne of truth is not only difficult but impossible. 

Ravitej is a social thinker/philosopher, writer and speaker. He had a very impressionable childhood that made up the course of his joyous life. His mother and father shaped his life and made him a man of great integrity. His parents both being school teachers, Ravitej never had shortage of teaching and guidance. There were every signs that this potential seed would gradually turn into a flower one day and spread its fragrance far and wide, despite all the wretchedness that surrounded him.

Raju Ravitej as a thinker is writing his philosophical work which is yet to be completed. He has written books for children, 11 until now. As the founder of Inspire India and as the one who is leading it he is dedicated completely to the cause and ideals of Inspire India.

Ravitej has walked the path of truth and inspiration. He is the cause and he is the effect and there is no way to differentiate such an integrated individual.

Bharat Barki is a young thinker and writer. He is a Director on Board of Noble Energy Solar Technologies Ltd. And a core member of Inspire India.