Inspire India’s

Ideological Basis




An ideological basis is set of
ideals or principles that one is
committed to. And this
commitment to the ideal is
at the heart of the existence
of the organization.

An ideal  is a perfection of
morality and principle and is
usually something that is 
unattainable. Even if one
fails to achieve the ideal, one
must be committed to it.
Human failings or practical
reality must not determine
whether one will be
committed to an ideal or

The Inspire India’s ideological basis uses the metaphor of a
tree with a single root and four branches.

At the root is the ideal of existence
Each one must extend to his fellow humans the same spirit
that one extends to one’s own self.

The tree’s branches contain the four ideals that make up
the ideological basis of Inspire India.

1. Ideal of the rule of law
Rules of law must apply to all people regardless of who they are.

2. Ideal form of Conduct
Is a conduct that seeks the general good of all and not just
one’s own good.

3. Ideal form of organizing society
The best and the highest at the top and the worst and
the lowest at the bottom. No discrimination based on any thing accept achievement.

4. Our connection with our Divinity
Each person encouraged to develop spiritual health and
connect with one's own divinity in whatever form.