Lets set an example – says the budding hotelier Amarjeet

For, Amarjeet S Kudle, the young and successful training professional from Delhi who till recently headed the training for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for South Asia region, entrepreneurship is the way to go for India.

Citing examples of various successes of young Indians, Amarjeet argued that the middle class of India must rise to take the nation forward. In the middle class of India lies the great strength to create and maintain wealth that can surge India forward and get her ahead by miles when compared to the rest of the world.

The urge to work in the rural areas of India is less among the urban youth of India, observed Amarjeet and exhorted the importance of working with and amidst the rural youth to strengthen the vast millions of youth who live in the villages. He mentioned the case of Sandeep Gajakas who started an innovative ‘shoe-laundry’ business as an example of how innovative ideas and the spirit of enterprise can power economic growth.

Citing himself as an example, Amarjeet explained how he has left his comfortable and high paying job to create his small boutique hotel at the foot of the Himalayas in Landor, Missouri.

During the panel discussion Amarjeet spoke once again on the need for educating the urban middle class to venture into the rural areas to help and assist the youth of India, the majority of whom live in the rural areas.

An achiever in his own right Amarjeet has won the hearts and minds of the audience and left a deep impression with his striking and charming personality.

Full text of the speech here