Activities of Inspire India

Every individual or organization, when they become
members, attend an Inspire India Shibir – a camp of
one to two days. This Shibir is held once every month.

The Shibir is the first contact for any member
organization or individual with Inspire India.

A Shibir consists of discussions, debates and activity
around the topic of Inspiring India through one’s own
capacities. The Shibir will also consist of discussions on
the vision, mission and ideology of Inspire India called

Each member organization/individual will receive a
next step in the Shibir.

Those members who have attended the Shibir can
participate in
  1. Mass Awareness Programs
  2. Educational Programs
  3. Skill Development Programs
  4. Community Projects

Inspire India publishes and releases books.

We use audio visual aids to promote our mission of
Inspiring Thought.

The Inspire India portal on the internet also serves as
an information and inspirational centre on India.

Inspire India produces inspirational products like
souvenirs and symbols that can be purchased
from Inspire India